Celebrate Rapid Action Profits’ 4th Birthday!

Sid Hale

This coming Saturday (the 17th of September), the Rapid Action Profits system (RAP) will turn 4 years old, and I’d love to have you celebrate with us.

While we weren’t the first system on the market that allowed merchants to  offer instant commissions to their affiliates, I do think that we were responsible for popularizing the business model and making it a more “mainstream” marketing concept.

Of course, as the concept became more popular with merchants, others began to offer their own solutions to compete with us.  I think they are learning that a successful business model requires more than just a single, good product 😉

For instance, very early after the initial release of RAP, we (I had a lot of good input from a select group of customers) decided that extending the functionality of the RAP system by adopting the popular “plugin” concept from the WordPress community, would help keep down the price of the core RAP system, and let the functionality grow in directions that the user community was most interested in.

More recently, I teamed up with a couple of RAP customers to release the largest (and most well thought out) marketplace for Rapid Action Profits merchants to 1) advertise/sell their products, and 2) make those products available to our affiliate network in one central place, where they could be found and evaluated for promotions.

We weren’t the first to do that, either.  As with RAP, our goal was just to do it better than anyone before us!

I’m sure you’ve read about it from my earlier posts.  It was a full year in the making (most of that time in development and testing), but last month… the iDavi Marketplace for Digital Products was born (so we really have multiple things to celebrate), and it already boasts many more product listings than its closest competitor.

As you can imagine, after all the excitement of the iDavi launch last month, I almost forgot about RAP’s birthday coming up.   I felt like this one should be really special!

I made a couple of quick contacts, and here’s what we came up with…

  1. A $50 discount coupon for the core RAP system,
  2. the iDavi Marketplace Add On (for automatically posting your products into the marketplace),
  3. Some extra bonus Add Ons (very targeted bonus for anyone who uses RAP), and…
  4. all the rest of the bonuses that were already available before the celebration!
  5. (not to mention a couple of bonuses that aren’t even listed on the sales page)

That’s a lot to take in, so maybe it’ll be easier to visualize if you just go to the site.

Rapid Action Profits Birthday Celebration

Besides a “cutting-edge” sales/affiliate management system with instant commissions, RAP now integrates with the largest Instant Commission Marketplace on the Internet, so you can easily market your own instant commission products.

p.s. The birthday discount and the extra bonuses will only be available till the first of next week, so if you want to take advantage of this special offer… you can’t just sit around and think about it.  Click the link, above.