Easy Product Creation for Impulse Marketing

When Seven Dollar Secrets first launched a few months ago, I was so wrapped up in other projects that I just didn’t have time for the distraction (or so I thought).  Did you make the same mistake?

A friend who sells a number of his own products online, had seen the Seven Dollar Report and asked me if I thought it made sense for him to break his $47 ebook up into a number of smaller, less expensive reports that could be sold using the strategies in the Seven Dollar Report.  Well, a lot of internet marketers successfully use this same strategy to create small “freebies” to give away and create “buzz” for their new products.  It gives their affiliates or JV partners something they can give away prior to a new product launch, so it’s a great way to generate targeted leads.

The difference here is that instead of “freebies” he was looking to increase sales by chopping his “ultimate” product into more digestible parts with an “impulse buy” price tag.  He knows his market pretty well, so deciding on the price point was pretty easy.

We discussed a lot of options for maximizing the income from these strategies.  The most obvious was that we could upsell the “ultimate” product from links inside the new reports, but he had an even better option.  It turns out that he has 4 physical products (DVD sets) that were perfect back-end products for the new reports he could create.

Of course, you can’t always predict how your market will receive a product like this, so we decided to roll the dice and create just one of these smaller reports as a test.

Long story – short, we spent about a week creating the report, installing the $7 Dollar script, creating new graphics, setting up a new list on Aweber, etc.  It turned out to be 51 pages and he priced it at $14.97.  Twenty four hours after we launched, he had 269 sales.  You can do the math yourself, but that comes to a little over $4,000 in 24 hours!  Four thousand dollars he wouldn’t have in his pocket otherwise.

Now, he already had a good, responsive list, but even if he hadn’t he could have easily recruited JV partners or used his existing affiliates to promote the new report for him.  As it stands… he still has those options available, and he can promote the report as a new product on his web sites.  Plus, he can still create 3 or 4 more similar products from his original ebook.

This particular case-study shows the ability to re-purpose existing product content to increase sales – but your product could be something you have resale or PLR rights to.  It could be something you develop from scratch, or you could take something that you currently offer as a “freebie” to your list and “beef it up” a little to create a real, saleable product.

Use the Seven Dollar Secrets report (and the script that comes with it), and you could do this over and over again, in any niche you want.  Turn it loose to affiliates, and use them to build your list.  Since Paypal is used for payment processing and you can “hook it in” to any autoresponder to collect leads – anybody can use this script, and it’s especially easy for less experienced marketers to create a full-fledged ecommerce business.