Jon Leger’s Secret Classroom Commission Giveaway

Like most big-ticket items, the buzz has started around Joel Comm’s Secret Classroom because it’s important to build anticipation for a major launch like this.

Unfortunately, I (and darn few others) have had a chance to preview the EXACT materials being offered because it isn’t ready yet.  I expect it to be first-rate, just based on Joel’s track record – but there isn’t enough to look at yet to be able to say, without a doubt, that you’d be getting your money’s worth. 

If the buzz hasn’t reached your inbox yet, what Joel has done is to record a dozen top online wealth building experts as they spilled their guts to a very select group of online entreprenuers (as part of the Next Internet Millionaire Reality Show if I understand correctly).

Without a doubt…
there will be a lot of “heavy-hitters” promoting this the minute the doors open (noon tomorrow), and the “little guy” trying to promote Joel’s course will probably be drowned out by the barrage of emails from other marketers.

That’s where Jon Leger enters the picture.  He’s devised a Secret Classroom Giveaway contest.  Really more of a raffle, actually – where he will give away all of the commissions he earns from promoting the Secret Classroom. 

You don’t even have to purchase Joel’s product!

You have a chance to win a lot more if you do (50% of every month’s commissions will go to someone who buys through Jon’s link), but half of everything Jon makes on this every month will go to 5 people who just registers for the raffle (10% each).

Jon’s a whiz at automating things with scripts, so he’s also set up a way so that you can get up to 10 chances to win every month.  He shows you how to get your extra “raffle tickets” after you register for his giveaway.