New Features in v3.0 of Rapid Action Profits

Last week another round of heavy promotion began for Rapid Action Profits. Maybe you’ve seen it advertised.

I should have made mention here long ago, but things have just been too hectic.  Here are just the major new features that have been added to this release.

1. RAP 3.0 incorporates our proprietary Add-On Architecture.   In fact, I’ve negotiated a FREE add-on as a new bonus for your purchase.  It means that RAP can continue to be improved with new features, without affecting the price of the core product.
After buying RAP, purchase only the features that match your own marketing strategies instead of paying really big dollars for a bunch of bloated functionality (most of which you may never use).

2. Another great feature of RAP 3.0 is the new Affiliate Center.  Affiliates and JV Partners can now login to the affiiate area and view their own sales stats and go to the affiliate tools page to pick up your affiliate tools, with their affiliate link already embedded in the material.
(RAP is one of the very few affiilate programs that offer this sort of ability for products sold through Paypal.)

3. As long as we’re talking about compensating others… I should mention the new “Equity Partner” feature.  With this feature, you can set up one or two partners that will participate in the revenue from ALL sales – just like you (independent of who the seller is). 

Each equity partner can be set up with their own commission rate, independent of the commission rates set for affiliates and JV Partners.

4. ALL customer facing pages and customer emails now have templates so that you can customize them (or even translate them for a foreign language site), and the Paypal Locale code (to control the language on the Paypal site) can also be set for each product.

There’s a special dicount available right now for RAP, but it’s only good until midnight (EST) the 24th (that’s tonight.  Just click on the Orange Frog next to the order button if you want to have a look.