Rapid Action Profits version 2.0

Last night, I sent download links for version 2.0 of Rapid Action Profits to all existing RAP customers.  I haven’t had a chance to update much on the sales page yet, so I thought I’d post this here as a quick way to let people know about  all the new features in this major release.

The primary enhancements in this release are:

  • The “auto” opt-in feature now works for ALMOST ANY auto-responder script (whether self-hosted or a 3rd party service) .  That means you don’t need a squeeze page to capture contact info for your customers.  If you use this option, it streamlines your sales process by eliminating a step that many customers will resent anyway.
    (note – I say “almost” any auto-responder script simply because there’s just no way to test it with every possible script, but as long as your auto-responder uses an HTML opt-in form and allows you to specify a return URL it should work with RAP.)
  • Ability to broadcast mail to “front-end” customers and OTO customers separately.  That means your follow up emails can be more targeted based on what the customer purchased and how much they were willing to spend.
  • The detailed sales reports now have a one-click “filter” option that allows you to look at just front-end sales, OTO sales, or both.
  • The transfer to Paypal (when someone clicks on your order link) now “breaks” frames to avoid potential Paypal problems if your affiliates use frame cloaking techniques.  Your affiliate can use framed cloaking without costing you a sale.
  • RAP now offers single-tier or 2-tier affiliate payments (by product), and to my knowledge is the ONLY system available on the market that offers this option with immediate affiliate payments.
  • Ability to customize the automatic “system” emails rather than using “canned” text for the customer download email or the email from the “tell-a-friend” function.
  • RAP now includes Discount Coupon management that allows you to set a discounted price with an expiration date.  Great for special sales.  Create a Discount Coupon and give the code to your affiliates so they can make special, limited time offers to their member/readers.
  • New “Sales by Referrer” report lets you see how many sales have been generated by each affiliates, and how many of those were paid to you, how many to the affiliate, and (if you’re using the 2-tier opton) how many were paid to the 2nd tier affiliate.  Sales are shown with counts and amounts and are totalled and cross-footed. (This is now my favorite statistical report in the system).

Once again, these new features were added to Rapid Action Profits based on popular customer request, and were designed to retain all previous functionality while allowing the option of “seamlessly” integrating the new features.  Upgrade was a “breeze”.