Locating “Instant Commission” Products to Promote

Sid Hale

Dedicated to the “Instant Commissions” business model, the iDavi Marketplace has one of the most sophisticated affiliate management systems to be found anywhere on the internet.

To benefit both the product merchants and the affiliate network, required aggregating the products from many merchants that were using the instant commission model into one, centralized marketplace.

Affiliates need to know more than just “how many clicks did I send, and how many of those visitors actually purchased the product?

To be really effective, they need to know about new products that come on the market, price changes and special promotions being offered on existing products, what is selling well at the moment, and what products have the best potential for longer term revenue.

Rather than just tracking what happened in their own promotions (after the fact), information like this allows affiliates to determine what they should promote in the first place, whether they should just “test” the market with a single mailing, or if there is enough long-term potential to justify placing a more permanent promotion on their blog, or creating a promotional video for publishing to their YouTube account, or whether they might want to do some PPC advertising.

By aggregating merchants’ product data for trending purposes, and giving affiliates multiple ways to analyze that information, the iDavi system provides the tools an affiliate needs to make his/her business decisions, while providing merchants with access to a sales force that is better equipped than any other affiliate network in the industry.

Only the iDavi Marketplace provides this kind of information in the affiliate back office, to allow affiliates to make good, informed decisions on what products to promote, while still providing all the statistical data on their promotions, in the form of raw numerical data, as well as line graphs to see performance overall or by individual product.

While initially, the iDavi Marketplace only contains products from merchants using the Rapid Action Profits (RAP) sales/affiliate system, there are currently over 2,000 registered RAP merchants, and already over 3,000 products listed in the iDavi Marketplace.  Plans are well under way to bring in even more instant commission products in the near future.