Sid Hale on Blog Talk Radio – Today

This afternoon I’m being interviewed by Willie Crawford on his Blog Talk Radio show  at 3:00 PM EST.

Willie’s been using my Rapid Action Profits (RAP) sales system lately to market a number of his digital download products. Since I just rleased a major upgrade (version 2.0) to my customers, Willie thought it would be an appropriate time to let people know about RAP and the new features in this release.

If you’ve read my other posts about Rapid Action Profits and have questions about how it works or could help you sell your own products (original, PLR, or Resale Rights), this would be a great way to learn about RAP and some of the online sales strategies you can implement.

If you’re interested, you can go to

In the “Upcoming Shows” section, you’ll see the announcement and a button to click so that you can get an email reminder before the show.

Willie’s scheduled some extra time, so if we don’t run over, he’ll open it up to questions from the callers.  You can get your own questions answered if you call in – or just listen in over the internet and learn from questions other people ask.

 BTW – Willie’s also going to be making a special, limited time offer during the show.  It’s worth being there.


  1. Harold Figgs says:

    Hey Sid, How are you today? First I want to tell you that the email address I gave you on the form is my private email to a family networking site. Please do not add it to any list but it is yours to contact me directly and I check it personally everyday. My nickname in high school was figgsy as well and a lot of my family’s friends are all called figgsy by their friends as well. I couldn’t believe it when on a hunch, I checked it for availability as a .com domain and was able to register it. I intend to keep it in the family for a long time. As I said, I have begun to develop this domain into a family social networking site. I recently came across your script and have done some research on it and so far have read some pretty interesting testimonials. I also maintain a blog on the Internet at where I do products reviews and to post other worthy news from several of my other sites. I have only just begun to fool around with several different scripts both php and others for about a 5 months now and I must say, I am pretty impressed with the capabilities of your RAP script. I would like to request a evaluation copy of your script and work with it and then do a review of it at my blog site. If this is agreeable to you, please forward to me a download link to the script and I will in return give to you on my other sites, backlinks to your various sites and provide you with their locations so that you may verify. I also would like to discuss with you a JV on another niche that I have personally invested 4 years of research in and that nobody and I mean nobody else knows about that not could but will be very profitable.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Harold Figgs Jr.
    Info4unow Marketing